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How to Go Through Tough Times
Go through the tough times smilingly, positively and bravely...
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The Power of Prayer
Prayers are invisible and positive rays of light...
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Our Life Chart
Rebirth is a gift...
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Gratefulness relates to acknowledging the presence of God...
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Forgiveness of Self
Heal yourself by forgiving yourself...
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Forgiveness is one of the highest spiritual qualities...
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Guilt has been given to us as a tool to help us improve spiritually...
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Spirituality at the Workplace
The workplace is another classroom in our Earthly school...
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The Physical Mind
The physical mind is to the physical body what the subconscious mind is to the soul...
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Tests and Training
Tests and training come your way as difficult situations in your life so that you can become aware of your weaknesses and negative soul characteristics...
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Karma is not a punishment – it is the law of learning...
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Your Mission on Earth
Your mission is a promise made by you to GOD when you are in the spirit world...
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Are You Prepared?
“If human beings do not change, nature will correct that imbalance through a cleansing process.”...
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Selfless Service
Every soul that chooses to be reborn on Earth does so in order to fulfill three missions during their earthly lifetime...
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Spiritual Enlightenment through Alignment
In the previous newsletter you have learnt that human beings are comprised of a physical body, physical mind, a subconscious mind and a soul...
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[File size 213kb]

Who am I?
You may have heard the saying `we are spiritual beings having a human experience’. But do we all really understand this simple truth?...
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Self Improvement - Part 2
Acceptance: Through gaining spiritual knowledge you will be able to correctly understand how to identify your flaws...
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[File size 171kb]

Self Improvement - Part 1
Many good souls are reborn on Earth to purify their souls and rise spiritually... Read More[File size 169kb]



Khorshed Bhavnagri