Khorshed Bhavnagri nee Screwalla was born in Mumbai, India, in 1925. Her childhood dream was to be a teacher, psychologist or detective. She loved gardening, cooking and music, especially the Hawaiian guitar, and she watched a lot of cricket.

In 1949 she married Rumi Bhavnagri and had two sons, Vispi and Ratoo. She discovered that she shared her family’s passion for automobiles and driving.

After the death of her sons in a car crash in 1980, she started communicating with them through the process of Automatic Writing. Her sons told her that it was her mission to spread spiritual knowledge on Earth.

In 1998, at the age of 72, she moved to Vancouver, Canada, where she continued to work tirelessly towards her mission, until her death in August 2007. It was Mrs. Bhavnagri’s wish that this book reach as many people as possible.